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Comprehensive Eye Examination

Comprehensive eye examination

A Comprehensive eye examination from one of our doctors is an important part of your overall healthcare and includes a comprehensive vision and eye health examination. More than just a “vison check” or “prescription check” we take the time to evaluate your eye health and general health disorders. We incorporate advanced technology to assist the evaluation of spectacle prescriptions, peripheral vision, intraocular pressure, and eye health. Computerized examination instruments such as retinal imaging and visual field analyzers are used to enhance personalized care. Our comprehensive examinations include tests for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and the ocular effects of many general health disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as effects of medications. A dilated pupil examination allows us to provide the best assessment of eye health. It is recommended for all new patients and on a scheduled basis thereafter.

The Canadian Optometric Association recommends that all people should have a periodic, comprehensive eye examination every one or two years depending on ones particular needs.

Eye Examinations for infants, toddlers & school-aged children

The visual system matures rapidly during the first few years of life and it is important to identify any problems that may interfere with normal vision development early. Early detection and management is recommended to prevent vision loss or eye disease and to provide appropriate vision development.

The British Columbia Association of Optometrists guidelines recommend that all children have a complete vision and eye health examination as early as age 6 months, at age 3 years, before entering school, and at regular intervals throughout their school years to ensure eye disorders and underlying health issues do not go undetected.


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